Advanced: How to Remote Troubleshooting/Control Your Device

If you are using Pro or Enterprise Plans, and running Windows, Linux, or Raspberry Pi devices, you can install an optisigns-remote-agent add-on that will allow you from the portal to remotely control your device.

Once set up, in the Edit Screen Modal, Advanced section, there's an Open button.

Clicking on this button will open a new window with the remote session for you to control, and troubleshoot your device.

How it works:

When activated, optisigns-remote-agent will be installed on the device, this is an independent app from OptiSigns Digital Signage Player, and this will ensure that even if there are issues, or crashes affecting OptiSigns Digital Signage Player, you still can remote in to troubleshoot

How to enable Remote Control Feature:

If your device is running Windows, please follow this guide.
If your device is running Linux or Raspberry Pi, please continue, it will be activated automatically. If you need to manually activate it, please follow this guide.

To enable this feature you must run OptiSigns player version 4.2.1 or newer on your devices. You can download the latest version of the app at

You can click Edit Screen, then "Advanced" to expand Advanced device management options.
Then click Activate.

It will take a moment to activate (15-30 seconds) to download and install the agent, depending on your internet connection. After activation is successful. You can click Open to open a remote session on your device.

If Activation fails for some reason, usually the user/account running OptiSigns Digital Signage Player does not have enough authorization to install a new app or run background services, or it could be a network firewall issue preventing downloading the optisigns-remote-agent app.
In this case, you can follow this guide to manually install and activate optisigns-remote-agent app.


If you have any additional questions, concerns, or feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to contact our support team at