Apple TV player release notes & limitations

Apple TV player release notes & limitations

Apple TV is a powerful device, but Apple imposes a lot of limitation on the device, particularly no web browser allowed. Hence some apps will not work.

1) OptiSigns Player on Apple TV supports: 

  • Images, Videos, Documents
  • Canvas, Templates, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive apps
  • Playlist, Schedule
  • Portrait, Landscape mode, screen rotation

2) Not supported: (these are the limitation specific to Apple TV Platform)

  • All other apps such as Social Media, YouTube, News, Streaming videos, etc.
  • SplitScreen display.

Learn how to install & and use OptiSigns Player app on Apple TV.

In summary, currently, you can reliably use OptiSigns app on Apple TV to display images slide shows, playlists.

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