Create & Manage Screen Groups

If you have many screens, you can create a Screen Group to make it easier to organize and manage the screens. You can edit, and update assignments to all the screens in a group at once.

This article will guide you through:

  • Create a Screen Group
  • Adding/Removing screens to a group
  • Navigate between groups
  • Edit, update screens assignment for group
  • Remove a group

Create a Screen Group

To create a Screen Group, on the Screen page, click Add Group.

Give your Screen Group a name and click Save

The group is now created. You can also notice the number of screens in the group.

Adding/Removing screens to a group

You can move existing screens to a group by selecting the screens and clicking Move To button.

Then select the group you want to move them to and click Move

Navigate between groups

To navigate between groups, you can simply click on a group to go into it.

To go back, you can use the breadcrumb to navigate back.

Edit, update screens assignment for a group

You can update all the screens in the group by clicking the ... button and selecting Edit Screen(s)

You can also Rename the group by clicking rename.

Remove a group

Remove a group will remove the group and all screens belong to it. If there are screens in the group, they will all be unpaired.

You can pair the screens again later if needed.

To remove a group, click on the ... button and select Remove.

Click Remove to confirm.


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