Advanced: Custom Domain mapping

This feature is only available for Pro and Enterprise Plans. With OptiSigns, you can customize the Portal experience to match your brand. You can also choose to hide OptiSigns branding, apps, and features.

Go to the Branding page in your Account Settings

Here's the explanation for each setting:

Site Title:

This is the title of the site on Browser tabs.


This is for a customized login page, you can make your own sub-domain login (i.e.

This is also required if you want to map your own domain/sub-domain.

More on domain/sub-domain mapping here.

Your domain:

You can map your sub-domain, i.e. so that your users can log in and use the portal from and use the app like the screenshot below.

More on domain/sub-domain mapping here.

Upload your Favicon:

This is the favicon on browser tabs.

Upload Logo:

This is the logo on the top left after the user logs in.

Login Page - Logo

This is the logo on your login page.

You can see an example here:
Login Page - Background Image

This is the background image for your login page

Login Page - Remove OptiSigns Branding

This will remove all OptiSigns branding from the Login Page and all other parts of the portal.

This will also disable features that may show OptiSigns name, logo, and Google, Facebook, Microsoft login buttons. (as those SSO signs in screens will show OptiSigns for example OptiSigns want to access your Google account, etc.)

Login Page - Login Box:

You can move the login box location and customize it further.

Account Management Page:

Hide OptiSigns Branded app: All apps with OptiSigns Name, Logo (most social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc. as when the user authenticates, it will ask i.e. OptiSigns is requesting access to your Instagram Profile, etc.)

Canvas app and Templates will also be disabled.

Hide Payment History, Hide Subscription Pages - These pages have pricing and OptiSigns branded information as well.

Of course, as admin, you can always log in via the official portal to view all content, and use all features.

Templates categories:

Sometimes you don't want to display all templates for your users (i.e. you are a hospital and your users will not interested in restaurant, or food templates). You can select only the templates you want to show here:

Send email from:

For the Proof of Play report, you can schedule report emails to be sent directly to your users.

With this setting, you can set the reports to be sent from your email address (not OptiSigns email address).

Note that this only applies to Proof of play reports emails.

Password reset emails, etc. are still sent from OptiSigns address, hence if don't want your users to receive emails from OptiSigns, please do not put your user's emails in OptiSigns.

Custom Color:

You can customize the color theme of the portal. Just change the Custom Theme color on the Branding page.

This will change all theme colors to this color set.


If you have any additional questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at