Edit Screen: What does each option do?

Edit Screen Essentials: Unveiling each option's purpose for effortless navigation and enhanced editing precision.

Refer below for a description of each attribute/option:

Device Name: Name of your Screen
    • This is internal to you and is best used as a way for you to know which particular screen is being accessed. It will not be displayed on your screens.
  • Tags: These free-form text fields allow you to organize information based on a nomenclature that makes sense for your team.
    • Examples could include building or room locations, room types, TV platforms, sizing details, and more.
  • Type: Select what will be bound to the screen
    • Asset: This is a specific content type such as images, videos, or app instances i.e. Weather app or Designer app
      • You can click on 'Change' to change the Selected Asset
      • When the "Asset" option is selected, you can choose from different scaling options - None, Fit, Stretch, or Zoom.
    • Playlist:  Selecting this allows you to Select a Playlist from the drop-down which will bind the screen to a specific playlist.
      • A playlist is a grouping of assets and or nested playlists in a specific order.
      • You can click on 'Go To' to go to the selected playlist. It will open a new window and display the playlist and its contents.
    • Schedule: Selecting this allows you to Select a Schedule from the drop-down and designate a schedule you want the screen to follow.
  • Orientation
    • Landscape: The default layout for most screens.
    • Rotate 90 degrees: Rotate the screen 90 degrees clockwise from the landscape.
    • Rotate 180 degrees: Rotate the screen 180 degrees clockwise from the landscape.
    • Rotate 270 degrees: Rotate the screen 270 degrees clockwise from the landscape.

Advanced Options

  • Location: Set the device's location. 
  • Background Type: You can select a background for a consistent backdrop in situations where content may not fill the screen or if the content is not Scaled. You can choose from the following:
    • Default
    • Color
    • Image
    • Transparent
  • Sync Play - Synchronize playback timing across your screens.
  • Show Downloading Status - Set to show or hide downloading status on your screen
  • Preload Assets in Playlist - If checked, this will preload the assets in your playlist in the background. This is good for user experience, but if you have animation or dynamic content on your web page, you may want to disable this.
  • Show Offline Indicator - Show an icon on the screen when there's no network connection, this is useful if your screen has live content that needs an internet connection all the time.
  • Mute - Check to mute your screen

More Options

  • Lock Down - Hide OptiSigns controls and menu to prevent viewers from making changes to the app. If running the Kiosk, viewers still can interact with the Kiosk, but cannot use the menu or close the app.
  • Playback Control - Enable the viewer to navigate forward, backward, and pause the playlist.
  • Proof of Play - Send playback data to enable proof of play reporting.
  • Preload Playlist - This option will preload a specific playlist in the background, allowing for instant playback when that playlist is selected to display on the screen.
  • Brightness - Controls the brightness of your screen 
  • Volume - Controls the volume of your screen
  • Schedule Power, Volume, Brightness, mute - Schedule Device, TV power on/off, Volume, Brightness, or when the device should download new content. This will largely depend on your devices and TV/Monitor selection.
  • Sensor Add-On - Activate OptiSigns IoT Sensor to measure the impact of your signs.
  • Polling Interval - Controls how frequently the system checks for content updates, ensuring that the displayed content is always current and reflects any changes made to the source.

Click Save when you are completed; otherwise, you will lose all changes.

That's all!

Note: The available settings in your Edit Screen options may vary based on your hardware and pricing plan.

If you have any specific questions about a particular setting, questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@optisigns.com