How to activate lockdown mode with OptiSigns

When running your digital signage screens or Kiosk mode using a tablet or touchscreen display, you will need the users to interact with your content, however you don't want the users to close the program or unpair, change other settings of OptiSigns.

Currently, this feature is available for Android, FireOS, Windows, and Linux with a Pro plan.

With the lockdown feature, you can lock down the OptiSigns application. There is a limitation, the navigation options for the Android, FireOS, Windows, and Linux systems will still be available.

The OptiSigns application however will be completely locked down once implemented. (This is not a limitation when using our Pre-Configured OptiSigns Android Stick to run OptiSigns) 

To achieve it, you can activate the lockdown mode on your device. The lock-down mode will hide the side menu, and the close, sizing button, so users will not be able to exit the OptiSigns player or make any changes to your setup.

To turn on the lockdown mode.

Go to the Edit Screen page of your screen, and expand the Advanced setting. Under the section Lock Down, click the Activate button. 

Once you confirm to activate the lockdown mode, you have the option to set an unlock password. The password will be used to temporarily unlock the device if you want to make some changes or operate the device as a super user. 

To unlock the device, you will need to tap 6 times on the screen, then in the popup window, enter the unlock password.

That's it! Now you know how to activate the lockdown mode with OptiSigns.


If you have any additional questions or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at