How to add a QR Code in designs using OptiSigns’ Canvas

With OptiSigns, you can add a QR Code directly in the Designer tool without the need for another QR Code generator.

You can set the QR Code to:

  • Open any Website URL
  • Call a Phone number
  • Send an SMS with some prefilled information if needed
  • Email address with prefilled subject
  • Take users to download your Application for either Apple or Google
  • Take users to follow your social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Share your wifi credentials
  • Or just simply a text message that you want to reach your audiences.

Here’s how you get started to place a QR code on your design with our Canvas.

Go to Choose your own template from our library of over 1000 free templates or upload your own design. On the left side menu bar, click on 'QR Code,' and then select 'Add QR Code.'

Choose the QR code style for your design, input the necessary information, and click 'Update QR Code' to generate.

Finally, don’t forget to click on the save button before closing the design. 


That's all!

Congratulations! You have inserted your QR code on your design.

You can update your QR code at any time by clicking on the QR code button. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at