How to Clear Cache on a BrightSign Player

If you're experiencing issues with OptiSigns' applications not performing correctly on your BrightSign player, one of the most common reasons is localStorage folder on your SD Card is full.

  • BrightSigns does not provide API for apps like OptiSigns to clear or delete the local cache folder.
  • So after some time, the folder can be so big that it consumes all storage on the SD card and causes issues.

This can help resolve problems such as apps not updating properly, displaying outdated content, or other performance issues. If you need guidance on setting up your BrightSign player: Please click here to get the full guide.

 Follow these steps to clear the cache on your BrightSign player:

Step 1: Remove the SD Card

  1. Locate the SD Card Slot: Find the SD card slot on your BrightSign player.

  2. Eject the SD Card: Carefully remove the SD card from the slot.

Step 2: Clear the Cache from the SD Card

  1. Insert the SD Card into a Computer: Use an SD card reader to connect the SD card to your computer.

  2.  Access the SD Card's Contents: Once the SD card is recognized by your computer, open it in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

  3. Locate the Local Storage Folder: Search for a folder typically named ‘localStorage’.
    The exact name can vary based on how the app developer set up the directory structure

  4. Check the size of the localStorage Folder
    See if the folder is taking up many GBs.
  5. Delete the localStorage Folder: Right-click on the folder and select "Delete" to clear all cached data.
    If you’re unsure about deleting, you can alternatively move the folder to your computer as a backup before deleting it from the SD card. This may take several minutes depending on how many items are in the folder.

Step 3: Safely Eject and Reinsert the SD Card

  1. Safely Eject the SD Card: Use the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature on your computer to eject the SD card properly, ensuring that no data is being written to the card when you remove it.

  2.  Reinsert the SD Card into the BrightSign Player: Place the SD card back into the player’s SD card slot


Step 4: Reset/Reboot the Player

  1. Reset/Reboot the Player: Reset or reboot your BrightSign player. It will now reload its contents from the SD card, which no longer includes the previously stored cache.
Data Safety: Be cautious when deleting files from the SD card. Make sure you are deleting the correct folder to avoid removing important application files or settings.

That's it! You've now successfully cleared your Brightsign player's cache!