How to Clear Cache on Your Fire Stick Device

When OptiSigns encounters issues, corrupted data or a large cache can be common causes, resulting in slowdowns. In such cases, clearing the cache often restores optimal performance.

How to clear the cache on your Fire Stick device

To clear the cache on your Fire Stick, navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. Choose the OptiSigns app, and select 'Clear cache.'

1. On your Fire Stick homepage, go to 'Settings.'

 2. Scroll through and select 'Applications.'

3. Then click "Manage Installed Applications"

4. Select OptiSigns app that you want to clear the cache.

5. Then scroll down and click "Clear cache".

Note: If the OptiSigns app still doesn't work correctly, repeat this process, and select Clear data.

After that, the OptiSigns app should function correctly on your Fire Stick.

If the issue persists even after clearing the cache, you can perform a Factory Reset to erase all the data stored on your device.


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