How To Create and Use Operational Schedule

Do you want your screen to automatically turn on and off according to a schedule to save time and energy?Operational Schedule, an all-in-one feature, makes this easier than ever before!

Use Case:

In a corporate office setting, this feature can be employed to control the power, volume, and brightness settings of digital displays across multiple conference rooms and common areas, ensuring they operate only during designated business hours or specific events. This automation not only reduces energy consumption and operational costs but also extends the lifespan of the screens by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

In this article:

  1. Introduction to Operational Schedule
  2. Assigning Operational Schedule to Your Screen
  3. Create Your Advanced Schedule

Introduction to Operational Schedule

Operational Schedule allows you to schedule when your TV powers on/off and to control the volume and brightness. To access the Operational Schedule, you will need our OptiSigns Android Player. Depending on your subscription, you may not have full access to this feature. 


  • We do not support HDMI-CEC or RS232 on our Standard or Pro plan. You will need the Pro+ Plan or higher to have access to this feature. The HDMI-CEC or RS232 capabilities allow you to Power On/Off your TV using the Operational Schedule.
  • If you have the Standard or Pro Plan and create an Operational Schedule, the player will display black to save power and device life. 

Assigning Operational Schedule to Your Screen

1.  Navigate to Screens Management, then select Edit on your desired screen.

2.  Select Operational Schedule, then select your schedule from the dropdown menu:

  • Default Schedule: Screen is on, 4:00 AM - 11:59 PM, every day
  • New: Create your schedule

3.  If the Default Schedule is selected, the time and days can adjusted by clicking Edit.

Note: Advanced Scheduling will allow you to create your own schedule.

4.  Select your Operational Schedule, assign your desired content, then click Save.

5.  Once saved, your TV power will be on during the operational schedule and will be turned off or displayed black outside of the operational schedule. 

Note: If there is nothing scheduled, your screen will automatically turn off or display a black screen during that time. You don't need to set a specific schedule for this function to activate.

Create Your Own Advanced Schedule

1. Navigate to your Screens Management, select your desired screen, click Operational Schedule, and select + New from the Operational Schedule dropdown menu.

2.  Select your desired event time by clicking on a time, then drag-and-dropping to create an event.

On the side menu, you can customize your schedule with the following options:

  • Name: Create a name for your schedule. 
  • Time: This is the time of your event, click on it to edit the day and time.

  • Repeat: Choose whether you'd like your event to repeat from the available options, or create your own custom repeat.

  • Power: Choose from On, Off, HDMI-CEC On or Off, or RS232 On or Off.
    • If you select On, your screen will stay on during the selected event.
    • If you select Off, your screen will be off during the selected event.

Note: The device will try RS232 first if available, then HDMI CEC command to turn off the TV/Monitor. Your TV/Monitor model and player need to support this feature for it to work. Players sold by OptiSigns support this feature.

  • Mute: Choose if you'd like your screen to be mute or not if sound is available.
  • Volume: Adjust the volume of the screen.
  • Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the screen, with 100% being your screen's current brightness.
  • RS232 Commands: If you have already configured RS232 commands, you can select them from this dropdown. 

3.  Make sure to Save your event at the bottom so that it will assign the event to the schedule. Then, click "Apply" to assign it to your screen.

4. Once applied, click Save to apply and activate all changes to your screens.

That's it! You've successfully configured your operational schedule!