How to Display Birthday Lists with OptiSync's Data Mapping and Google Sheets

With OptiSync, you can dynamically map data from various sources such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, HR systems, and more to display employee birthday celebrations on your screens. This article explains how to connect your data source to the Designer app and automatically update birthday celebrants on your screens.

To set up your birthday list with OptiSync, follow these steps:

  1. Setting up a Birthday List with OptiSync
    1. Create a Repeater from Scratch
    2. Full Repeater Template
    3. Repeater Component
  2. How to Auto-Update Values
  3. How to Handle Empty Data Values in a Repeater
  4. Push Designs to Screen

Note: OptiSync, a dynamic data mapping feature, is exclusive to Pro Plus and above plans

Setting up a Birthday List with OptiSync

  1. Access your account by navigating to OptiSigns and logging in
  2. Proceed by adding your DataSource either through designer or your account settings under DataSource.
    • You can learn how to add data sources here.
  3. Click on 'Add DataSource' and select Google Sheets.

Note: While this functionality is not exclusive to Google Sheets, it will be the primary data source used for demonstration purposes in our examples

Create a Repeater from Scratch

If none of the Repeater designs resonate with the design you are trying to accomplish, you can create your own design within the repeater itself from scratch. After creating it from scratch, feel free to add the repeater to any template design or upload one of your choosing.

  1. Open the Designer app
  2. Go to DataSource → Select your custom DataSource → Expand "Row 1".
  3. Drag and drop the information you want displayed on the Repeater.
  4. Double Click the Repeater to open the editor
  5. Customize your Repeater's design.
  6. Once the customization is complete press "Update to Save"

Full Repeater Template

Once your data source is added, it's time to create your design using the Designer app. To quickly get started, you can utilize our prebuilt repeater templates.

    1. Open the Designer app from the Files/Assets page → Apps → Designer
    2. Go to Repeaters → Repeater Templates Section → Birthday
    3. Choose a template you'd like to use
    4. Click the repeater item (i.e., the element with the names)→ Settings → then "Replace Data Source".
    5. Click the "Other Data Source" arrow and choose your uploaded data source.
    6. Click Continue.
    7. Double-click the Repeater item to open it, then open the Data Source on the left.
    8. Drag the employee name over the text box to populate it.

Repeater Component

Repeater components let you keep the repeater design you like while using a different template background. Choose any template from our library or upload your own design, then add the repeater component on top. This lets you combine your preferred repeater with the template background you want.

  1. Go to Templates → Select a Template design (e.g., Birthday)
  2. Remove unwanted designs from template.
  3. Go to Repeaters → Repeater Component Section → Birthday.
  4. Click the Repeater once → select the "Settings" button → Replace DataSource.
  5. Click the arrow off to the left side of "Other DataSources" → select custom DataSource → click Continue.
  6. Double-click the Repeater to open it, then open the Data Source on the left.
  7. Drag your desired row (i.e., employee name) over the text box to populate it → Click Update to save.

How to Auto-Update Values

To update the cell value mapped on the template, create another sheet for your employee birthday lists and use formulas to match today's date.

Here is a sample link to a Birthday list Google sheet that you can modify and adapt according to your specific requirements and preferences.

How to Handle Empty Data Values in a Repeater

Let's say you're running this like a slideshow, but it is nobody's birthday. You can set how you would like your Repeater to handle empty data values. 

  1. In Designer, select your Repeater so it is highlighted.
  2. Select Settings from the top bar.
  3. In the far-right menu, use the drop-down menu for Empty Data Handling to select:
    • Skip: Skip it
    • Use Default Value: Show default content, which is what your Repeater element looks like by itself
    • Use Blank: The Repeater will show nothing
  4. Make sure to save your design.

Push Designs to Screen

To display your designs for your employees to see:

  1. Add a name to your design.
  2. Click the Save icon. 
  3. Then select "Push to Screen".

You will now be brought to this page:

  1. Select your screen. 
  2. Push to the screen.

Here is what your design will look like when pushed to screens.

 That's all!

Now you have a template that will show off any employee birthdays for your chosen month.