FireOS TVs (Amazon, Insigna, Toshiba, TCL)

In this guide, we will walk you through end to end process of setting up and remotely managing your screens with Insignia, Toshiba TV, and OptiSigns Digital Signage.

As of Feb 2024, Fire Stick and Fire TV are no longer recommended as digital signage players. This is due to Amazon eliminating the ability to auto-start the app with FireStick & Fire TVs starting FireOS 8.

There are workarounds with ADB commands or manuals to start the app.
However, those workarounds are inconvenient, and we believe without an easy way to AutoStart apps, it is not a good solution for a Digital Signage player.
If you have an older model of TV with Amazon FireOS 7 or lower, you can continue with this article to get it set up.

Here are the high-level steps:

1) Download OptiSigns Digital Signage from Amazon App Store

2) Using OptiSigns's web portal to assign content and remotely manage your screens

1) Download and set up OptiSigns Digital Signage from the Amazon App Store

Press the Search icon on the Find section of the Fire TV,

Type in "OptiSigns".

Fire TV Search could be tricky to use, and search as you type sometimes does not work properly.

After you type "optisigns", be sure to press the menu down button until the "Optisigns" text is highlighted, and then click on it.

Click Download on the OptiSigns app icon

Once the app is installed, launch it.

The app will ask if you want to automatically start when the device starts up. It is recommended to select yes, unless you want to launch the app yourself every time manually.

You then will see this pairing screen:

Go to our website:

If you don't have an account already, create one, or you can also log in with Google or Facebook account.

Once you log in Click the "Add screen" button
In this pop-up, type in the Pair Code showing up on your Fire TV screen. Then click Pair

The Fire TV screen will change to:

Now you are ready to upload and assign content.

2) Using OptiSigns's web portal to assign content and remotely manage your screens

Once you go to our portal at: to pair the screen and start assigning content to it, you can follow these guides for more detailed steps:

If you have feedback on how to make the how-to guides better, please let us know at: