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How to install OptiSigns as a channel/app on Roku

Updated Sep 2023. After Roku OS 12.0.0 updates, Roku is enforcing stricter power management & screensaver.

The Roku platform has a lot of restrictions. In short, if you just need to display static menus or simple slideshows, and don't mind spending some time setting it up, then it's OK.

For better compatibility and reliability, we recommend a dedicated player like our Android Stick Player Google Chromecast or any Windows, Mac, or Linux devices.

How to install OptiSigns Player on Roku:

There are 2 ways to install OptiSigns Player on Roku:

  • Normal channels/apps can play images, and videos but cannot autostart (Continue to read this article)
  • Screensaver can only play images

Before we get going, a few limitations you should take note of.

1) OptiSigns App on Roku supports

  • Images, Videos, Documents
  • Canvas, Templates, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive apps
  • Playlist, Schedule
  • Portrait, Landscape mode, screen rotation

2) Not supported (these are the limitations specific to the Roku Platform)

  • All other apps such as Social Media, YouTube, News, Streaming videos, etc.
  • SplitScreen display.
  • Roku has small storage, be mindful of how much content you would like to cache on it.

Let's get started:

First, please update these two settings on your Roku device.

  • Settings → System → Power → Auto Power Saving → uncheck "Reduce power after 15 minutes" and "Turn off after 4 hours"
  • Settings → Network→ Bandwidth saver → Off

To install OptiSigns on Roku, follow these three high-level steps:

  1. Install the OptiSigns channel/app on your Roku.
  2. Pair your screen with the OptiSigns portal and begin assigning content to it.

1) Install OptiSigns channel/app on your Roku 

There are 2 ways to install OptiSigns:

  1. Add the Optisigns channel to your account: https://my.roku.com/add/optisigns
    And add it to your devices.
  2. Search for Optisigns on your Roku device:
    On your Roku TV, Search for OptiSigns Channel.

Add the Channel

The first time when launched, you will see this screen:

2) Pair your screen with OptiSigns Portal and start assigning content to it

Now you are ready to go to our portal at: https://app.optisigns.com/
Pair the screen using your screen's code and start assigning content to it.

For detailed steps click here.


If you hear a periodic clicking sound once the app is running, this is the simulation of a button click to prevent your display from re-engaging while content is being displayed. 

You can remove the click sound in the Roku settings: Go to Settings → Audio → Menu Volume.  Set this to Off.


If you have any specific questions about a particular setting, questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@optisigns.com