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How to Lockdown iPad/Single App with Guided Accessibility

This article will guide you on how to activate the kiosk mode on your iPad for a specific application. This can be particularly beneficial if you intend to use the OptiSigns software as a kiosk device, ensuring that the OptiSigns application remains.

Part 1: Lockdown app on iPad Settings

Go to Settings, select Accessibility, then Guided Access

Tap Enable Guided Access, then tap Passcode Settings

Tap Set Guided Access Passcode. Enter a passcode, then re-enter it

Open the app you want to lockdown: OptiSigns App

Triple-click the Top (If there is no home button) or Home button to start the lockdown
note: Please make sure the orientation is in portrait mode if no home button exists

To end Guided Access, triple-click the Top or Home button enter your passcode, and tap End

Part 2: Lockdown the OptiSigns App under SCIO

To achieve this, you can activate the lockdown mode on your device.
The lockdown mode will hide the side menu, close, and sizing button so the user will not be able to exit OptiSigns player or make any changes to their setup

To turn on the lockdown mode:

Go to the Edit Screen page of your screen, and expand the Advanced settings. Under the section Lock Down, click the Activate button

Once you confirm to activate lockdown mode, you have the option to set an unlock password. The password will be used to temporarily unlock the device if you want to make some changes or operate the device as a super user

To unlock the device you will tap 6 times on the screen, then in the popup window, enter the unlock password.

That is all, this will make sure the OptiSigns application will not exit with user interaction unless they're authorized!