How to remotely manage your OptiSigns Managed Android Player

When you purchase the OptiSigns Managed device, the device will be preconfigured with OptiSigns player, and also a MDM software is pre-provisioned on the device to provide us the capability to remotely connect to the device for troubleshooting.  You may wonder if that capability can be extended to you as well, so that it is easier on your side to have some control over the device remotely. The answer is Yes. We have been working with our MDM partner to build integrations, so that you will have the capability to remotely manage the device as well. Now with the integration, you will be able to do these things.

  • Reboot Device
  • Manage WiFi Network
  • Pin/Unpin OptiSigns app (Switch On/Off Kiosk Mode)
  • Change Time Zone 
  • Check Device Info

To remotely manage your device

Go to the Edit Screen page, expand the Advance the section. Then scroll to the bottom, you will see the section where you can remotely manage the devices.


Reboot Device

If you want to reboot your devices, you can click the reboot button. Once you confirm to reboot it in the popup, a reboot signal will be sent to the device.

Manage WiFi Network

If you click the WiFi button, you will see a popup where you can manage the WiFi network on the device. It will list out all the saved WiFi network on the device. 

If you would like to add a new WiFi network, you can click the "Add new Wi-Fi access point" button.

Enter your WiFi information in the popup and click add. Then the newly added WiFi network will be saved on your device. 


Switch On/Off Kiosk Mode

With the Kiosk mode, your OptiSigns player will be pinned on your screen. Users will not be able to exit it, so the OptiSigns player will always be on. 

By default, the device will be running in Multi-app mode, in this mode, you can exit the OptiSigns player and use other apps freely on your device.


Change Time Zone

When you click the update time zone button, you will be prompted a page where you can set the time zone on the device.

Check Device Info

To check the device info, you can click the Device Info button, it will pull up the hardware and network info of the device. You may find the info of interest to you, one common example is if you are using some network monitoring tool, you can use the MAC address to lookup the device in the other systems. 

That's it!

Now you know how to remotely manage your OptiSigns Managed Devices.

Note: In order for this feature to work and take effect, your device need to be online. If your device is not connected to the network, the command will not be able to reach to your device and take effect.


If you have any additional questions or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at