How to Schedule Power On/Off with Smart Plug

Sometimes you are looking to set up schedules to automatically turn on/off  your digital sign or you want to manage rebooting your Fire Stick, Android Player, or Raspberry Pi remotely, you can use a smart wall plug which costs an average of $7 to $10

We recommend the Gosund Mini Wifi Outlet


The best way to use the wall plug with your TV is to plug the power supply for your Amazon Fire Stick into the smart wall plug.

Do not plug your TV into the smart wall plug. Go to your TV settings and schedule a sleep timer for a set (ex. 5 minutes) amount of time.

  1. Plug your Amazon Fire Stick into the smart wall plug.
  2. Plug the Firestick into the HDMI source on your TV.
  3. Change the sleep settings on your TV to go to sleep for a set amount of time (ex. 5 minutes)

Now you can turn on or power off your Fire Stick remotely, your TV will go to sleep after the set amount of time.

Once you turn on the smart wall plug, it will turn the Fire Stick on and the Fire Stick will signal the TV to turn on and to continue playing the content.

This helps schedule automatic turn-off / on times, power cycle the device, and have more control over your screen.


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