How to Use Animation on Templates & Designer Tool

Animation can be a much more effective way to display your Promotion and other Announcements, messages, as human eyes are more likely to be drawn to moving objects than static ones.


With OptiSigns Designer tool you can quickly add animation bring life to your Promotion, Menus, Announcements and get more attention from visitors.

If you need a refresher on Designer, you can learn read this article here.

Let's jump right to it;

First Design your Promotion or menu. In this case, we will make a Halloween Promotion.

Once the design is completed:

  • Click on each content
  • Click on Animate
  • Select whether you want to make a Page Animation or Object Animation

You Might ask yourself what is the difference between Page Animation and Object Animation;

  • Page Animation:
    This means the contents will animate in an order that is placed on this list, back to back. First, we will select the Pumpkin Hat and Pumpkin face and place them in a Page Animation with a Fade in motion. in this order:
  1. Pumpkin Hat
  2. Pumpkin Face

This will Fade in of the Hat first then Fade in the Pumpkin face like this:

This can be applied to the content that you want the Animation to play in the order it is selected to.

  • Object Animation:
    This means the content will Animate on the page regardless of the order they are placed in and they all animate at the same time.
    This time will select the same Pumpkin Hat and Face and place them in a Fly in from right motion, placing them in the Object animation list.

This will Fly both the Hat and the face in the picture at the same time regardless of the order, like this:


Now that we know the difference, let's make a full list of animations to the Text and the content layers of this Promotion both in Page and Object Animation:

  • Please Keep in mind: Running too many animations at once will affect device performance, we suggest keeping the limit to 3 to 4 animations per template.

And this is what the full Animation looks like:


That's it,

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at