How to use Check-in app with SMS follow up

What is the OptiSigns Check-in app with SMS follow-up?

This app streamlines your business's check-in process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Customers easily provide their phone numbers and details upon arrival, with the added opportunity to enhance their online reputation by sending an SMS follow-up that encourages Google reviews, ultimately keeping your customers satisfied.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Check-In: Simplify customer check-ins by capturing their information i.e. phone number seamlessly.
  • SMS Follow-Up Process: A straightforward SMS follow-up is automatically triggered upon customer checkout, allowing businesses to seek feedback and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Boost Google Reviews: Proactively engage customers to share their positive experiences, potentially increasing Google reviews by up to 32% or more.

Optimized for use with OptiSigns on iPad or Android tablets
Elevate your business operations and boost customer engagement with our intuitive check-in app.

How to set it up with OptiSigns:

Log in to your OptiSigns account → click on Engage →  New App

Select Check-In Management and then click on Build

On the Build page, you can configure several essential settings to customize the appearance of your check-in page on your tablet or iPad.

Let's go over each configuration in detail:

  • General
    • Asset name - A unique identifier for the asset, not visible on the tablet or iPad
  • Welcome Page
    • Show Welcome Page - Toggle to show or hide the welcome page on the tablet. The welcome page consists of the logo, welcome text(s), and the CTA (call to action) button.
    • Logo - Upload to customize your logo; Allowed file types: png, jpg, jpeg.
    • Welcome text - Text displayed on the welcome page.
    • Returning visitor welcome message - Personalized message for returning visitors i.e. Welcome Back, John!
    • Select font  - Choose the font style for the welcome page.
  • CTA Button  (Call to Action)
    • Button text - Text displayed on the call-to-action button i.e. Please tap here to check-in
    • Button background color - Customize the background color of the button.
    • Button text color - Customize the text color of the button.
  • Touchless walk-in - Toggle to show or hide a QR code on the welcome screen, enabling visitors to scan for touchless check-in.
  • Background
    • Background color- Customize the background color of the check-in app displayed on your tablet or iPad
    • Background image - Upload and customize the background image of the check-in app displayed on your tablet or iPad
  • Check-in flow
    • Two-step entry - If enabled, the system verifies returning visitors based on the input phone number. If no match is found, additional details will be requested.
    • On-screen keyboard - Option to include an on-screen keyboard for user input 
    • Thank you text - Text displayed after successful check-in i.e. Thank You for Checking In. Please take a seat, and we will get to you shortly
  • Check out flow
    • Automatic check-out interval (minutes) - Set the time interval for automatic check-out. This feature comes in handy if you ever forget to manually check out a customer or prefer the system to handle check-out automatically on your behalf.
  • SMS message type - Choose an SMS message type to be sent to the customer after they have checked out.
    • Thank You - Customers will get an SMS with a link to leave a Google review, sent to the phone number they provided during check-in.

  • CSAT Questions - Customers will receive an SMS with CSAT questions to gather feedback on their satisfaction. The Check-in system will record all customer responses.

Once you have set your configuration settings, click Review to continue to the next page. 

  • On the Review page, you can review all of your configuration settings and preview the screen before committing your changes. You can also preview in full screen by clicking on 'Preview Full Screen' at the bottom.

Click Assign to continue to the next page.

  • On this page, you can assign your check-in app to a specific screen/tablet or screens/tablets with a specific tag.

When ready, click Complete.

From here, you could either Return to Apps or Start a New App.

Upon assigning the app to a screen or tablet, customers can initiate the check-in process by either:

  • Tapping on the screen
  • Scanning a QR code on their phone if the Touchless Walk-In feature is activated.

You can go to the Engage Hub setting to view:

  • Dashboard
  • Visitor log
  • Settings

Engage Hub Dashboard

Customize the date range to explore visitor trends, interaction tracking, and returning visitor statistics with a pie chart.

You can also review check-in and analytics on check-in activities (i.e. who rated Positive or negative experience, who has clicked on links to write a review, etc.)

Engage Hub Visitor Log

In the visitor log, users can efficiently manage visitor data with a range of features:

  • Date Range Selection: Easily focus on visitors within a specific date range.
  • Search Functionality: Search capabilities for quick identification of specific visitors.
  • Check-in/out Details: Access detailed information about check-in and check-out dates/times.
  • Status Indicators: Quickly discern the status of each visitor, whether they have checked in or out, including SMS Status and Google Review Link interactions
  • SMS Control: Admins have the flexibility to toggle SMS sending preferences on or off based on needs.

Engage Hub Settings

Default Settings: These mirror the configurations you set in your app settings earlier.

Notifications: These settings are for your SMS message settings.

🔑  Very important: Please put your Google Maps link to your business here, that's where your customers will be sent to to write reviews.

Note that the used in SMS message is the Company Name in your company profile

If you have multiple locations, you can reach out to us to learn about how to set up Functional Locations so each location will have its name.

Due to SMS regulation, very limited changes, and customization can be done to the SMS message. The message content has to remain pretty much constant, the only thing that can be changed is the company name.

By default, the customer will receive an SMS message 4 hours after check-in asking about their experience and write a review for you on Google.

That's all! It's just that simple!

We hope Check-in will help you to enhance your customer experience and grow your business faster!


If you have any additional questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at