How to use PDF with OptiSigns

There are 3 ways you can use PDF files:

  • Assign directly to a screen as an asset
  • Be part of a playlist
  • Be part of a schedule

If using PDF directly as an asset on the screen.

You'll need to enter a duration (10 pages, if you enter 200s, each page will be 20s)

If you using a PDF file in a Playlist

The item duration is the duration for the document (i.e. 200s and the doc has 10 pages, each page will be displayed for 20s).

If you are using the schedule assign the PDF as a scheduled asset.

You'll need to enter duration like a single asset (10 pages, if you enter 200s, each page will be 10s).


There are many versions, and ways PDF can be generated, so sometimes you will experience issues with PDF playback.

In general, PDFs generated by Google Docs, Slides, Microsoft Office applications, and Adobe applications will play fine.

Sometimes too large PDFs can have issues. In that case, you can convert the PDF to Images and use it that way.