How to use Zoom Rooms as digital signage with OptiSigns

This guide will show you how to display your OptiSigns Digital Signage into your Zoom Rooms displays. You can turn your Zoom Rooms devices to corporate communications channel when there's no active meetings.

Zoom Rooms does have basic digital signage feature like displaying a slideshow of images, but you can use OptiSigns for more versatile solution such as remotely change any content on any screens, integrate KPI dashboard like Power BI, Tableau, project management board like JIRA, social media, and more.

If you have any questions regarding Zoom Rooms setup, check out their official guide here.

The solution to use OptiSigns with Zoom Rooms is simple, Zoom Rooms has Digital Signage feature to display content when there's no meeting, and it can display a URL. You just need to use our webplayer: as the URL, and pair & manage the Zoom Rooms screen just like any other screens.


Step by step how to use OptiSigns in your Zoom Rooms

First, you will need to login into your Zoom account and go into Room Management on the left menu. Make sure you have an active Zoom Rooms license and have the administrator role.

Next you will need to +Add Room or Edit the rooms previously created.

In the Room Profile tab, make sure you have the Room Type as “Zoom Rooms (for shared spaces)” and no Background Image uploaded.

After that, you will need to go into the Digital Signage tab, next to Room Profile. Select Layout: Standard Center and +Add Content.

In the Add Content lightbox, go to the URL tab.

Then put in the URL box. And click Add URL.

You will see this:

Finally, press Add 1 item in Add Content setup.
Once you have your Screen setup, we recommend using the following settings for the screen to have configured the following settings in order to have your newly linked digital signage screen running all the time when meetings are not active in the room.

  1. Duration: Set to 23:59:59
  2. Start displaying content 0 min after and before meeting (you may want to set this to 3-5 min if you don't want the digital signage content to distract meetings by display contents immediately after meeting ended)
  3. Digital Signage is On

Save and that's it! You have successfully activated your OptiSigns Digital Signage screen in your Zoom Rooms. 

Next step: pairing the Zoom Rooms to OptiSigns

Assume that there's no meeting going on at that Zoom Room now. On the Zoom Rooms screen, you will see the 6 characters pairing code.

Then go to OptiSigns Dashboard>Add Screen and enter in the pairing code:

After pairing, you can assign playlist, or other contents you want to play.


That's it!

You have successfully set up Zoom Rooms to play OptiSigns content when there's no meetings.

Hopefully this will help to better utilize the meeting rooms screens when it's not in use;.


If you have any additional questions, concerns or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at