I received the OptiSigns device but it's OnHold and cannot assign content


You ordered an OptiSigns Android Stick device and:

  • After ordered devices, devices are in the OnHold folder and you cannot assign content to it
  • After plugging it in, you see screen “Paired” screen or “OnHold screen"


OnHold is a special folder, devices in the OnHold folder do not count toward the license and are not useable.

Likely reason:

  • You added test screens during the trial, and testing process (like your laptop)
  • You ordered more devices than you have a license for (possibly for future deployment)

How to solve this?

If you have screens that you added during the Trial process to test out (like your laptop etc.)

You can remove them, and reuse the license.

Or you can increase the licenses if that's what you need.

Open the OnHold Device folder and see if there are any devices listed.

Now move the screen that you want to move outside the Onhold Device folder.

Go to the OnHold device folder, click on edit on the screen, and select Move.

This will move the device out of the OnHold  Device folder.

Congratulations!! your screen should now be ready to use.