OptiSigns Android Device - Content Playback Troubleshooting Guide

If you experiencing hardware, network, or power issues, please refer to this guide.

Website display, sizing issue:

  • If you would like your website to display more like a Desktop/PC view instead of a looking view. Change device scaling to the smallest.

Designer/Template Sizing issue:

  • If using the designer app, suggest setting the canvas size to 960x540, or changing the display size on Android.

Factory reset screen:

  • Check the content assigned to the screen, if it contains a split-screen or designer app with 4 zones and more. Ask the customer to perform a factory reset and explain that the Android stick is ideal for running in full screen or split screen with 2 or 3 zones during business hours. Suggest using Pro Player.

Screen color distortion:

  • Try different HDMI cables, ports, and TVs.
  • Try to turn off everything that transmits data between the TV and the Android stick, like HDMI-CEC, Dolby Vision, and adapting resolution. 

App crashes, not able to launch:

  • Clear data of OptiSigns player and Android System Webview, then reboot.
  • Factory Reset