Roku Troubleshooting guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: Updated Sep 2023. After version 12.0.0 updates, Roku is enforcing stricter power management & screensaver.

Roku platform has a lot of restrictions. In short, if you just need to display static menus or simple slideshows, and don't mind spending some time setting it up, then it's OK.

For better compatibility and reliability, we recommend a dedicated player like our Android Stick Player Google Chromecast or any Windows, Mac, or Linux devices.

Note what features contents are supported & not supported:

1) OptiSigns App on Roku supports: 

  • Images, Videos, Documents
  • Canvas, Templates, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive apps
  • Playlist, Schedule
  • Portrait, Landscape mode, screen rotation

2) Not supported: (these are the limitations specific to the Roku Platform)

  • All other apps such as Social Media, YouTube, News, Streaming videos, etc.
  • SplitScreen display.
  • Roku has small storage, be mindful of how much content you would like to cache on it.
  • Advanced features of playlists such as shuffle, and background music.
  • Advanced features of the designer tool such as animations, transitions, and widgets. 
  • Advanced features of schedules such as default content. 

There are 2 ways to install OptiSigns Player on Roku:

Troubleshooting guide:

Content not playing:

  • Make sure there is some content assigned to the screen, try to assign a simple image and see
  • Video not playing: Screensaver can only play images, if you want to play the video please be sure to install OptiSigns as a channel app.
  • Roku has very limited local storage, make sure your playlist is less than 10 items or less than 100MB total.

Check power cables & connections:

  • One of the most common causes of device stability is not using provided power adapters & cables. TV’s USB ports do not have sufficient power to stably run the device for extended periods


  • This test will resolve most of the networking issues:
    • Try mobile hotspot
    • Try a different network (bring the device home or to another location with better WiFi)
  • Check another app like YouTube to make sure they can connect to the internet
  • If YouTube is playing and the OptiSigns app has an issue, you could be behind a firewall.

HDMI & TV connection:

  • Try a different HDMI port on your TV
  • Try to connect the device directly to the TV without an HDMI extender
  • Try a different TV, Monitor

Remote Controller issues:

Factory Reset:

Lastly, you can try Factory Reset the Roku device.