Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) Supported Model List

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is built into most Samsung professional displays.

The article will show you the list of Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) models. If your Samsung Smart TV is the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) model, you can follow this article to set it up.

Note: OptiSigns app supports Samsung Tizen 4.0 OS with SSSP6 or Tizen 6.5 OS with SSSP10.

SSSP10 Tizen -2022-

  • Basic (QBB)
    QBB: QB43B, QB50B, QB55B, QB65B, QB75B. 
  • Mid-range (QMB)
    QMB: QM43B, QM50B, QM55B, QM65B, QM75B. 
  • High-end (QHB)
    QHB: QH43B, QH50B, QH55B, QH65B, QH75B. 

SSSP6 Tizen -2018-

  • QMR-AN
  • Basic (QB)
     QB13R, QB24R, QB43R, QB49R, QB50R, QB55R, QB65R, QB75R, QB85R, QB98R. 
    QBR-B: QB24R-B, QB85R-B. 
    QBN: QB49N, QB55N, QB65N, QB75N, QE82N.
    QBT: QB98T-B. 
  • Mid-Range (QM)
     QM32R, QM43R, QM49R, QM50R, QM55R, QM65R, QM75R, QM85R.
    QMR-A: QM32R-A, QM43R-A, QM49R-A, QM50R-A, QM55R-A, QM65R-A, QM75R-A.
    QMR-B: QM32R-B, QM85R-B. 
    QMN: QM43N, QM49N, QM55N, QM65N, QM75N, QM85N, QM98N.
    QMT: QM98T.
    QMT-B: QM98T-B. 
  • High-end (QH)
    QHR: QH43R, QH50R, QH55R, QH65R, QH75R.
  • Window Display (OM):
    OM46N, OM55N.
    OMN-D: OM46N-D, OM55N-D.
  • Outdoor Signage (OH):
    OHN: OH85N, OH85N-SK, OH85N-DK, OH85N-S.

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