Samsung Tizen TVs Troubleshooting Guide


While OptiSigns app is available on the Samsung Tizen app store, we still recommend using a dedicated player like OptiSigns Android Player for to following reasons:

  • Samsung Tizen does not allow apps to autostart, including Digital Signage apps like OptiSigns, so not suitable for digital signage unless your team can turn on/off TV every day as part of their schedule
  • Low local storage, usually only a few hundred MBs available. It's good for streaming YouTube, and Netflix, but for Digital Signage you want your content to be downloaded and cached locally to ensure playback even when there’s network interruption and save bandwidth.
  • OptiSigns app is not available on some Samsung TV models and regions

In short, if you want to play a small simple playlist with a couple of images, videos, and weather apps, and don't mind manually launching the app when Samsung TV is powered on. You can continue to install OptiSigns app on Samsung TV.

Troubleshooting guide:

Content not playing:

  • Samsung TVs have very limited local storage, make sure your playlist is less than 15 items or less than 150MB total.
  • Video not playing: OptiSigns app downloads the video to play locally (to ensure offline playback and save bandwidths), large video files may not play well on your Samsung TV, due to the limited local storage above. If you play a lot of videos, please consider OptiSigns Android Player it comes with 16GB storage.

Cannot find OptiSigns on the Samsung app store:

  • If you are in the US and cannot find OptiSigns on the app store, your model is very likely not supported, please consider a dedicated player like OptiSigns Android Player.


  • This test will resolve most of the networking issues:
    • Try mobile hotspot
    • Try a different network (bring the device home or to another location with better WiFi)
  • Check another app like YouTube to make sure it can connect to the internet
  • If YouTube is playing and OptiSigns app has an issue, you could be behind a firewall.

Factory Reset:

Lastly, you can try the Factory Reset & Diagnostic guide from Samsung.