Schedule TV Power On/Off, Volume, Brightness, and Mute through HDMI-CEC with OptiSigns

HDMI-CEC, a prevalent feature on modern TVs, enables connected devices to communicate and send control signals. This allows functions like powering on/off the TV and adjusting brightness or volume through connected devices.

If you're on the Pro+ plan and utilizing the OptiSigns Preconfigure Android Player, you can now schedule powering on/off your TV and adjust its brightness and volume if HDMI-CEC is supported. This allows efficient power usage and extends your TV's lifespan.

Currently, with the advanced scheduling feature for HDMI-CEC, you can set up schedules for:

  • Power On/Off TV
  • Adjust the brightness
  • Adjust the volume
  • Mute the TV

To set up the schedule to Power on/off the TV

Go to the screens you want to set up the schedule and click Edit.

Expand advanced in the Edit Screen popup.

Go to the bottom of the Edit Screen popup, under the section "Schedule Power, Volume, Brightness, Mute", you can create a new Schedule.

Then you can create a schedule to manage the TV power on/off and other tasks like mute. The use of the scheduling is the same as the content scheduling. If you have questions on how to use it, you can refer to this article.

When you create a scheduled event, select a type that meets your requirements. In this case, it is a Power Off TV. What it does is power off the TV at the beginning of the time window, then power it back on at the end of the time window. Then save it.

Other than Power Off, you can also choose mutebrightness, and volume. You can also mix multiple types in one schedule, e.g. if you want to change the brightness and have the TV mute as well.

Now you have set the schedule up. Once the schedule is created, it will be available to use, you can apply it on other screens. 


Also, please note the power on/off will power on/off the TV only, the OptiSigns Android Player will still be running. When you check the status on the portal, it will still show as online. However, since the TV is off, the color of the online status will become Orange, instead of Green, so you can tell the connected TV is powered off.


Note: The success of the use of this feature depends on many factors, including TV, players, firmware, etc. We have tested on some popular brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio. Currently, we only support it on the OptiSigns Android players.


If you have any questions or need further support, please feel free to reach out to our support team at