There's no sounds output for my Raspberry Pi

Make sure you set the audio out to the right output.

Solution 1:

To change the audio output, right-click on the audio icon and select the output.

If you are using Raspberry Pi 4, as of 3/12/2020 there are some known issues with output audio to both HDMI ports. Use the port next to the power input, it works.

Solution 2:

Open the Terminal, run the command line, and use this command to switch the audio output to HDMI:

amixer cset numid=3 2

If output is set to 2, which is HDMI.  Output to 1 is analogue (headphone jack). The default setting is 0 automatic.

Solution 3:

Open the Terminal, and run the command line.

sudo raspi-config

Select System Options.

Select Audio.

Select 0HDMI

Then select Finish

After that, run reboot in the command to reboot your Raspberry Pi


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