Update OptiSigns player on OptiSigns Pro Player via script


You can install/update OptiSigns player on your OptiSigns Pro Player with 1 command line script:


This script will download the latest version of OptiSigns AppImage and run it.

You can use our Remote Access feature to access the OptiSigns Pro Player, go to this article & copy the command line, and run on the Pi to update. It will save time vs. manually clicking and downloading methods.

Other command line script

  •  If your TV has color saturation issues, due to some of the TVs may have problems with interpreting EDID data. You can run this command
    wget -O- https://download.optisignsapp.com/pro-player/change-color-profile.sh | bash 
  • Overwrite the automatic security update timing
    bash~/bin/override_upgrade_schedule.sh 23:30
  • To lock the USB port, if you want to lock the device to prevent tampering fully.
  • To unlock the USB port.


If you have any additional questions or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@optisigns.com