What is the OptiSigns Managed Device?

What is OptiSigns Managed Device Program?

This program significantly reduces the time spent managing and troubleshooting hardware and device issues, allowing you to focus on content management and maximizing the value of your screens. Here are the highlights of the program:

  • Customers pay $99.99 for OptiSigns Managed Android Player device (1 time) and $15/mo on going for the Pro Plus Plan
  • OptiSigns will provide device hardware guarantee and remote support to the user
  • OptiSigns will have remote access to the device where we can remote login, debug, push updates  to troubleshoot, fix issues, and support user
  •  User is responsible for ensuring that the device is connected to the internet
  • If for some reason device cannot be fixed (power adapter blow out, hardware malfunction, other OS software issues, etc.) we will send replacement to users (Users are responsible for shipping costs outside of the US)

Here's how the device looks. For more details and specifications, please click here.


Who is this program for?

We recommend this program for customers with 10 screens or more who can benefit from the reduced time spent managing and troubleshooting devices.

Who this program is not for:

This program is not suitable for customers with a small number of screens and/or those who prefer to manage devices, hardware deployment, and maintenance themselves.

It is also not suitable for customers who do not want OptiSigns to have remote access to their devices' network.

How does the device replacement program work?

  • In the event of hardware malfunction (i.e., the device cannot boot up), the customer will perform basic troubleshooting steps, including plugging the device into a different TV monitor and trying a different power adapter before requesting a replacement.
  • If there is a software malfunction (i.e., the device boots up, and is connected to the internet, but the app does not work as expected), the customer will open a support ticket for the OptiSigns support team to remotely troubleshoot the device before requesting a replacement.
  • If a replacement is requested, the customer will send an email tosupport@optisigns.com with details of the customer account, the name of the device experiencing issues, and the replacement request. OptiSigns will create a coupon for the customer to reorder, and the customer is responsible for providing a shipping address, Wi-Fi info, etc. The defective unit must be sent back to OptiSigns within 30 days.
  • Once received, the defective unit will be tested by OptiSigns. If it is deemed to be functioning normally, OptiSigns will send the user an email with pictures documenting the device testing and charge the customer $100 for the cost of the device, testing, and restocking services.

 How to set up OptiSigns Managed Device?

The setup process for the OptiSigns Managed Device is identical to that of the standard OptiSigns Android player. For detailed step-by-step instructions, please refer to this link.
If you have any specific questions about a particular setting, questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@optisigns.com