Whitelist OptiSigns IP addresses & ports

If you need to configure the firewall, here is the list of OptiSigns IP addresses and Port to whitelist:

Port: please whitelist HTTPS port 443

IP Address for OptiSigns:

  • api.optisignsapp.com
  • api.optisigns.com
  • api-prod-2.optisigns.com
  • api-prod-3.optisigns.com
  • api-prod-4.optisigns.com
  • ws-prod-1.optisigns.com
  • ws-prod-2.optisigns.com
  • mdm-ws-prod-1.optisigns.com
  • mdm-ws-prod-2.optisigns.com
  • signagecloud-prd.nyc3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com
  • smallapp-api.prod.optisignsapp.com
  • (File)
  • (File)
  • (Files)
  • (API)
  • (API)
  • (API)

OptiSigns utilizes Transloadit for uploading files via the OptiSigns portal. If you encounter any issues uploading files, you can resolve this by whitelisting Transloadit's IP address.

  • api2.transloadit.com 

OptiSigns utilizes Unsplash images in the Designer app. If you encounter any issues with using free Unsplash images, you can resolve this by whitelisting Unsplash's IP address.

  • plus.unsplash.com
  • images.unsplash.com

IP Address for AeriCast:

  • screenshare.aericast.com
  • present.aericast.com
  • apps-api-prd.aericast.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: we use CDN to optimize file distribution to your devices. Some firewalls may block CDNs. If you experiencing issues where your device is online, but when you assign files, it's just a black screen because the device cannot download files.

You can contact us at support@optisigns.com to disable the CDN feature for your account. (Note: It requires the Enterprise Plan)

There's no set of IP addresses for Social Media and some other apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Calendar, so if you restrict HTTPS access by IP, you may not be able to use that app.


If you have any additional questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@optisigns.com