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Host your HTML/JS or Create your own Web App with Hosted Website

For advanced & enterprise users that know how to create your own HTML/JS app, you can use OptiSigns Hosted Website app to deploy & host your web app.

This eliminate the need to find your own web hosting services, combine management of all your Digital Signage related app in OptiSigns platform, and making simple edit, update & redeploy quickly in OptiSigns.

By default you can create 1 Hosted Website app, if you need more please contact us as support@optisigns.com for Enterprise pricing.

When to use Hosted Website app?

If you have simple webapp like ones to handle Kiosk interactivities, your restaurant dynamic menus, your team status dashboard, etc. to be used with your Digital Signs.

For Enterprise Customers, you can use API to send/store data specific to each device to be used in your webapp. For example: pricing, inventory data for each screen.

It can also be used with OptiSigns Touchless app to create unique in place experience for your customers, they can for a short period of time control content displayed on your screens.

It does not mean to be full blown online web development, dev/ops platform that handle full web application development, there are plenty of other platforms/tools for that.

With Hosted Website app you can:

  • Upload a zip file of your HTML/JS, images files you already have and host it inside OptiSigns (no need for another services to host your web app)
  • Create your own HTML/JS app with online editor
  • Make quick edit to your app easily inside OptiSigns

How to use Hosted Website app:

The easiest way to use Hosted Website is to upload a zip file with your HTML/JS and even images in it.

Click Files/Assets -> Apps -> find Hosted Website

Click Upload Zip

IMPORTANT: your Zip file must have /index.html, that's the entry point to be loaded by default.

Give your app a name, this is only to be used in Files/Assets to manage your app.

Browse your Zip file and click Save.

If you have index.html, the preview will show up on the right.

The asset will be created in your library:

You can click the Preview button to open the hosted URL.

Here's an example:


That's it! you can use this Hosted Website app just like any assets on your screens, playlist, kiosk, etc.

With Hosted Website app there's built in Editor & Templates that you can use to build simple webapp or make quick updates to your sites.

To use this editor, you will need to either Import your project Zip file (not the minified, complied version), create it from scratch or with one of our templates.

If you need API to push data to device level and use your webapp to consume this data, or if you further question on how to use Hosted Website please contact us at support@optisigns.com