How to create Split Screens, Screen Zones, and Layouts

SplitScreen is available on all platforms except Roku and Apple TV. Easily divide screens into zones or regions for a customized display. Also known as Split Screens, Screen Zones, or Screen Layouts.

Steps to create and use SplitScreen:

Click Assets/Files  → Click App → then select Split Screen.

Choose a template as a starting point; you can adjust the zone dimensions later to suit your needs or create your layout

For this example, let's choose 2 Mains + 1 Ticker.

Give your Split Screen a name, which will be displayed in the Asset list

For each zone, select the type of content you want to play.

Note that you cannot assign a SplitScreen inside another SplitScreen.

Adjust zone positions and dimensions as needed; the values are in %, ensuring scale compatibility across resolutions (1080p or 4K or other tablet-type resolution).

SplitScreens often include a Scrolling Strip; learn more about creating one here - How to create a Scrolling Strip.

Certain OptiSigns apps like Weather, News, Social Media Walls, and Stock automatically transform into scrolling strips when placed in a scrolling strip zone.

Once finish editing, you can click Preview to see how the SplitScreen looks.

After entering the information, click Save, and your Split Screen will be created in your Asset list.

Now, assign the newly created Split Screen to your screens like any other asset.

Return to your Screens Tab, and click Edit on the screen where you want to assign the Split Screen.

Open the "Edit Screen" window, and choose 'Asset' from the Type drop-down.

Select the newly created Split Screen asset. and click Save.

Note that you cannot directly assign a SplitScreen to a playlist due to the potential for a loop.  The solution is to assign a playlist inside zones within the SplitScreen.


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