How to manually install & activate OptiSigns AI Add-on on Linux or Raspberry Pi

OptiSigns AI Add-on is a background service running on your Linux, Raspberry Pi device to uses a Camera to detectand count people passing by.

If you have not tried to automatically activate this feature, please try it first by following this guide.

The add-on is a ~200MB app, so it will take several minutes to download and activate on your device, so please be patient after auto-activation before you try manual activation.

If auto-activation fails, then you can follow these steps to manually install and activate AI detection add on your Linux or Raspberry Pi devices.

Before you start, please ensure that you have:

  • Your device has OptiSigns Digital Signage player version 4.2.10 or newer installed. You can download the latest version here.
  • There's a network connection to your device
  • You have enough authorization, and privileges to install apps, and background services on your device
  • optisigns-ai-detection runs on any Raspberry Pi OS or any major Linux distro such as Ubuntu.

How to manually install optisigns-ai-detection

Make sure you have a camera installed on your system.
Open Terminal.

On Raspberry Pi run:

curl -s -L | sh

On Linux run:

curl -s -L | sh

This will download a script and run the installation.

After you see "Starting OptiSigns AI Detection Service ..." you are done!

You can go back to to use the AI Add-on feature now.

Further technical detail for optisigns-ai-detection

The binary executable is downloaded and installed to ~/bin/optisigns-ai-detection

It will be started as a background service and will be automatically started on system start-up.

This will ensure the AI detection add-on is independent of OptiSigns Digital Signage Player and still running in case the Player has an issue or you need to reinstall it.

You can manually execute the optisigns-ai-detection executable:

<path>/optisigns-ai-detection [arg]
install : to install ai detection agent
remove : to remove/uninstall ai detection agent
start or restart : to start ai detection agent service
stop : to stop ai detection agent service
version or -V : to print ai detection agent version
help : to print this instructions
run : to run the ai detection agent in console or terminal or service
show or -s: show camera feed

How to remove optisigns-ai-detection:

Open Terminal and run:

~/bin/optisigns-ai-detection remove


If you have any additional questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at