How to run OptiSigns AI Add-on on start up in Windows

In Windows, you can use Windows Task Scheduler to set up OptiSigns AI Add-on to run on start-up.

It only takes a few simple steps

Click Start → Type "Task Scheduler" and open it

Then click Create Basic task

Give it a name (e.g. OptiSigns AI Add-on Autostart)

Then click Next

Next in the Trigger section select "When I Log on"
Please do not select another event like When the computer starts, it may not work.

Next in the Action section select "Start a program"

Click Browse and browse to optisigns-ai-detection.exe that you've downloaded.

Then click Finish


That's all!

Next time your PC starts up, it will start the OptiSigns AI Detection app, doing it this way will also ensure that it will get started before the OptiSigns Digital Signage Player app starts.


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