Navigating Through OptiSigns' Template Library

Want to display captivating content? Our exclusive, extensive, and ever-growing template library covering various industries is here to optimize your screens in minutes!

Use Case: A bustling retail chain wants to streamline its in-store promotions to boost sales during the holiday season. By leveraging OptiSigns' library of prebuilt templates, they can quickly and efficiently create visually appealing digital signage that highlights special offers, festive greetings, and new arrivals, ensuring a consistent and professional look across all locations without the need for a dedicated design team. This allows the marketing department to focus on strategic planning while still delivering high-quality content that engages customers and drives sales.

In this article:

  1. Introduction to OptiSigns' Template Library 
  2. Accessing the Template Library 
  3. Navigating the Template Library
  4. Selecting and Customizing a Template

Introduction to OptiSigns' Template Library

OptiSigns' template library is your one-stop destination for creating captivating and dynamic digital signage content. A treasure trove of professionally designed templates ready to breathe life into your digital signage projects.

In this article, we will guide you through the effortless process of exploring and uncovering captivating templates within the library, empowering you to elevate your digital signage content creation and take your message to the next level.

Watch this 3min video to learn more:

Accessing the Template Library

You can access our Template library in four different ways, as shown below:

  1. Click on Templates at the top banner on our Files/Assets Management Page
  2. Click Templates below Upload Files
  3. Access it through the Designer App
  4. Or, simply go to

Navigating the Template Library

Once you've accessed the template library, you should be taken to this home page: 

  1. New Design: Click to access a blank canvas and create your own design.
  2. Your Designs: Designs that you have created.
  3.  Category: Our templates are organized into intuitive categories, simplifying your search and catering to diverse needs.
  4. Search Bar: Use related keywords to search for a template.
  5. Tags: Popular tags are used in templates to help you effortlessly search for a template to match your needs. If clicked, will take you to a list of all templates using those tags.
  6. Featured: This section is constantly updating to display relevant templates for upcoming holidays, events, and more!

Selecting and Customizing a Template

Once you have chosen your category or found a template you'd like to use, click on the thumbnail to preview the template in detail.

  • You will see the template's size and relevant tags.

You can click on the tags to quickly search for relevant templates.

Click Use this template to open the template in our Designer app

To learn more about how to use OptiSigns' Designer app to be able to customize your templates, please click here.

Once you're done customizing your template, click the Save icon.

You can also directly push this template to your screens or do so from the screens page. Follow this guide to learn more about assigning content to your screens. 

That's all!

If you have any additional questions, concerns, or any feedback about OptiSigns, feel free to reach out to our support team at