How to Create & Use Playlists

Playlists organize media files like images and videos into a preferred sequence, enhancing accessibility and continuous playback. This article will guide you through the process of creating playlists with OptiSigns.

Use Case:  A clothing store uses a rotating playlist on their screens to showcase seasonal collections, promotions, and styling tips. This dynamic display engages customers, keeps content fresh, and drives sales by highlighting new arrivals and special offers.

Let's Get Started:

You can add various types of content to your playlists, including images, videos, web links, and apps. These items can be mixed and matched in any order and duration.

  1. First, you will need to create an asset from your Files/Assets page to add content to your playlist.
  2. Alternatively, you can click the 'Playlists' tab, then on the right side, click 'New.' From there, you can either create an asset or upload files, templates, or feeds.


How to Create a Playlist

  1. To create a playlist, navigate to "Playlist" on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click "Create Playlist"

3. Click on the pencil button to change the playlist name.

4.  Change it to something meaningful for you. In this case, let's name it "Lobby TV Playlist."

5. Drag and drop the videos/images that you want uploaded into the playlist.

You can view an example of what the playlist would look like below in the next step.

6. Click on the Pencil button next to the item duration, as shown below, to change the duration of the item on the playlist.

If you adjust the duration of a video within your playlist, you will have the option to revert it to its original duration.

7.  Lastly, when your Playlist is ready, you can push your content to screens by selecting the 'Push to Screens' icon on the top of your playlist.

You can either:

  • Push your content to a screen(s) immediately,
  • Schedule it for a future time,
  • Or, temporarily take over the screen for a specific period i.e. 5 mins, and then revert to the previous content

Click here to learn more about Pushing Your Contents to Your Screens.

That's all!

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