AI Camera App - Quick Start

OptiSigns AI Camera App that allows you to use any camera, plug into the device playing OptiSigns Digital Signage player to:

1. Detect and collect data about passing by foot traffic to analyze impressions and exposure of your Digital Sign.

2. Responsively display different content based on the demographic of viewers standing in front of your screens.

This feature is supported on LinuxWindows, and Android Devices.

Quick start guide to use OptiSigns AI Camera:

In this guide, we will:

1.  Set up the AI Camera to display suit sales when a male person is detected and yoga wear sales when a female person is detected.

2.  Review the data collected by the app on the portal's reporting page.


From there, you can modify the setup to fit your needs.

1.) Preparation:

If you haven't paired a device yet, follow this guide for Windows, or this guide for Linux or Raspberry Pi to install and run OptiSigns Digital Signage Player first.

You must have the Engage OptiSigns Subscription or Trial to access the AI Camera feature.

Each account is entitled to use the Engage feature on ONE FREE screen. If you would like to add the Engage feature to a second screen, you will need to purchase the Engage subscription.

Here is a link to the subscription page.

Get a USB Camera and plug it into your device:

We recommend the Logitech Webcams like the C270.

If you are running on your Windows Laptop, you can use the built-in camera; no additional camera is needed.

2.) Review & configure AI Camera:

Go to the Engage Tab at the top of the screen.

Click New App in the top right corner:

First, click the "AI Camera" tab on the left side. Then, click the "Build" button in the bottom right corner.

You will then be directed to the AI Camera Build page.

You can view how the asset is configured

Play Settings:

  • Play for at least: when detected, the app will play the content corresponding to the detection rule for at least X seconds. (Default is 3s)
  • Rest for: when the person is no longer there, the device will resume playing the content assigned to it for at least X seconds. (Default is 3s)

We recommend to keep Play for at least and Rest for at 3s, to give a smooth feeling experience when in a crowded place like a mall, or an airport with many people walking by very quickly.

Play Rules:

  • Effective Time: This refers to the time frame during which the feature is active and the specific days it applies to.
  • If Detected: This describes how the AI camera determines when to trigger a change.
  • Play Content: This pertains to the asset assigned to play when a specific gender is detected.

After completing the previous steps, you will be directed to the "Assign to Screen" page. Here, you will assign the AI camera to the specific screen on which you want the camera to trigger.

3.) Assign the AI Camera app to your Screen:

1. Go to the Screen tab and click Edit.

2. Click Advanced.

3. Click More.

4.  Activate the AI Add-on.

If you want the device to send data for Analytics purposes, please leave the Send AI Data box checked as well. You can learn more about what data we collect here

5. Change the AI Add-on and it will bring you to the select Asset Page.

6. Click Engage

7. Choose your AI App and then save.

4.) Set up the camera & app on your device

If you are using Linux or Raspberry Pi, the AI Camera will be automatically installed when you click AI Camera Activate in the step above. You may need to restart your device. If you need instruction on how to manually activate, and run AI Camera for Linux, you can follow this guide

If you are using Windows just download & run optisigns-ai-detection.exe. If you want OptiSigns AI Detection to run on system start up just follow these steps here.

The app will log events it detects like below.

That's all!

Once OptiSigns AI detection is running, you'll notice it's using the camera to detect and send events to the OptiSigns Player to change content as appropriate. In this case, if a male person is in front of the camera, the Suit Sales ad will be displayed. If a female person is in front of the camera, the Yoga ad will be displayed.

If you leave "Send AI data" on, you can view the analytics report here:

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.